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List of products by brand 88Vape



88 Vape Ce4 Clearomizer

Price £0.99

Featuring an easy-to-use top-fill tank and a 1.6ml capacity, the CE4 Clearomizer offers a great quality vape at an unbelievably low price. Simply pair this with a 88Vape Classic Pen battery and you’re ready to vape!

88Vape Apple Crumble

Price £0.95

88Vape is delighted to present Apple Crumble in a 50/50 e-liquid - a classic and delicious British dessert flavour that’s beyond tasty! Our Apple Crumble vape juice gives you all the flavour of Britain’s favourite home-cooked dessert. The tang of baked apples and the sweet buttery tastes of a...

88Vape Apple Crumble Short Fill

Price £3.79

88Vape is delighted to give you our Apple Crumble Shorfill - a classic and delicious British dessert e-liquid that’s beyond tasty! Our Apple Crumble Shortfill gives you all the flavour of Britain’s favourite home-cooked dessert. The tang of baked apples and the sweet buttery tastes of a...

88Vape Apple Freeze Short Fill

Price £3.79

88Vape is excited to introduce our Apple Freeze Shortfill - not your average apple e-liquid! The sweet tastes of apple slushie are mixed with the tangy tastes of scrumpy for a true flavour sensation!  Our Apple Freeze Shortfill is more than just a frozen apple e-liquid! There is a sweetness,...

88Vape Arctic Cherry

Price £0.95

How do you re-create a soda flavour in an e-liquid? You can get the taste right, but no soda tastes right unless it’s ice cold and served in a glass filled with clinking ice cubes. The 88 Vape flavour mixers have cracked it. We could insist you vape inside a walk-in freezer, but we decided to add...

88Vape Blackcurrant

Price £0.95

What better describes the perfect blackcurrant flavour than being ripe, sweet and juicy? Well this is exactly what you can expect from this addition to our fruit e-liquid range. Similar to your favourite thirst quenching blackcurrant squash, this vape juice is rich, fruity and cordially sweet....

88Vape Blue Raspberry Burst

Price £0.95

Don't worry about getting all slushie when you're thinking back to drinks from your childhood. This modern take on an old classic will leave your mouth and throat feeling refreshed as you enjoy a strong raspberry hit with an ice-cold menthol finish.

88Vape Blueberry

Price £0.95

Sweet and ripe, this is a flavour that pairs perfectly with a morning pancake. Whether you're the sort of person who loves a blueberry muffin, or someone who likes a little fresh pop of fruity flavour throughout the day, you'll definitely enjoy this blueberry e-liquid. We just want to warn you –...

88Vape Bubblegum

Price £0.95

We don't know how they managed it, but the experts in our lab have created a bubblegum e-liquid so sweet and sticky that you'd swear you could chew it! This sugary flavour tastes just like proper fruit gum, with the added benefit of not sticking to your shoes after you've finished with it! Our...

88Vape Caramel Nut Cheesecake Short Fill

Price £3.79

60ml Bottle Filled to 50ml (Nic Shot Sold Separately) Ever start something and have it turn out in a way you’d never expect? This Caramel Nut Cheesecake e-liquid’s going to take your tongue on a really unexpected adventure. First, the smooth, mellow hit of caramel, followed by a rich, deep...

88Vape Cherry Sherbet

Price £0.95

Our Cherry Sherbet flavour will quite simply give you tingles. And you can can quote us on that. Whether you were brought up on 80's sweets or not, you will just love the initial fizz that sits on your tongue before the full on assault on your tastebuds as the sweet cherry flavour kicks in to...