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Best sellers

Kik Menthol

Price £2.99

Imagine if you could get all the icy flavour of a menthol cigarette, strip out the tobacco undertones and pour that pure menthol flavour right into the tank of your vape. Actually, don’t bother imagining it. Just do it instead. Kik Menthol is everything you’re looking for in one little bottle. No...

KiK Strawberry

Price £2.99

Intense, sweet and juicy – there’s nothing like a good British strawberry. The problem is that they’re usually followed by boring stuff like tennis. Put the racket down Tarquin, because this strawberry eliquid is all fruit with none of the faff. Every time you inhale you’re going to get a deep...


Nic Shot 1.8

Price £0.89

A Nicotine Shot is 10ml of flavourless e-liquid designed to be added to our nicotine free Short Fill e-Liquids.

88Vape Menthol Chill

Price £0.95

What's cooler than cool? Ice cold! We took our menthol flavour e-liquid, and we dropped the temperature while we upped the flavour. This liquid is so chilly that the bottling team have asked for scarves and gloves! After one blast of this minty flavour, you'll be wide awake, refreshed and ready...


KiK Ice Mint

Price £2.99

This is sub-zero stuff, a proper full-on arctic blast of cool mint right into your lungs. Like a snowball to the face. Now that’s cool.

Kik Blueberry

Price £2.99

Sweet, ripe and fruity, everyone loves blueberry. You love it on your pancakes, in a muffin, and now in your vape. Kik’s Blueberry eliquid provides that fresh fruity blueberry flavour that’s perfect at any time of the day. Just don’t pour it straight on your pancakes. That’s what syrup is for.

KiK Fruit Mix

Price £2.99

Can’t choose? We can’t blame you. After all, there’s a fair few fruit flavours to pick from here, and life’s too short to decide between Cherry and Cherry Song. Do don’t choose. Fruit Mix is the flavour for you busy folks who want a sweet fruity flavour without having to weigh up whether you’re...

Swan Extra slim filters

Price £9.11

High quality, filters 5.68mm diameter Packed in handy, pocket sized cardboard box Contains 120 filters per box (20 rods x 6 pre-cut filters)


Kik Tobacco Blend

Price £2.99

This is tobacco-flavoured vaping in its purest form. Sophisticated, with a familiar throat hit, our Tobacco Blend isn’t about re-inventing the wheel. It’s about providing a tobacco flavour that comes without any of the tar of a traditional cigarette.

KiK Cherry

Price £2.99

Plump and juicy, the intense cherry hit of this eliquid is going to stick with you for a while. Like all our fruit flavours, this juice blends the best ingredients with the freshest, fruitiest flavours for an absolutely unbeatable vape every time. Go on. Pop your cherry. You won’t regret it.

KiK Rolling Tobacco

Price £2.99

Smooth, toasted and subtle, Kik Rolling Tobacco does everything it says on the label. Rich, nutty and toasted flavours are subtly balanced to provide a clean-tasting, smooth vape that you just won’t find anywhere else.